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High Tech Meets Saddle Fitting at Rebel Ridge Farm in Ocala

Dr. Heiko Tober (left), President of Medilogic from Berlin, explains the 3D image of the just completed ride. STRIDE President Vickie Rollack rode her Appaloosa Sweetie at walk, trot and canter and the pressure points were sent via wireless transmission from the saddle pad to the computer. The information was stored and viewers are looking at a replay of a 3D representation of the changing pressure points. It confirmed why her horse really does not like that saddle!

Viewing the screen are (left to right) Dr. Lynn Peck, DVM, Alice Stuebling-Salm, STRIDE VP Sharon Young, STRIDE Treasurer Hellena Smejda, and Ursula Henning from Fort Lauderdale. It was the first time that the saddle pad was demonstrated in the USA. In Germany some three dozen saddle fitters, chiropractors and other equine health professionals use the Medilogic Electronic Diagnostic Saddle Pad. The Trentelmans generously hosted the event at Rebel Ridge Farm.

A happy footnote: Vickie has found a saddle that Sweetie likes, and is considering bringing her back from trail riding to STRIDE competitions.